Vitamin D IV Polo Grounds NY

Restorative Medicine is a clinic focusing on prevention rather than prescriptions when it comes to health. Our IV Therapies and Energy and Immunity Boosters, especially the vitamin D IV therapy, targets specific health challenges before they become conditions that require invasive or expensive medical care.

man stretching after Vitamin D IV Polo Grounds NY - Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy
Vitamin D IV Polo Grounds NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

IV Therapies and Boosters are a new health trend because patients see immediate results from full potency and natural compounds like our vitamin D IV. Delivered directly to your system, a vitamin D IV infusion or healing drip means no dilution of the effectiveness or digestive issues that people experience with pills and supplements. The IV Therapy at Restorative Medicine is administered by licensed physician and founder, Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD. His immune building, nutrition-rich, hydrating, and healing drips will renew your energy, increase your metabolism, and revive your immune system for long-term health.

Physician Dr. Alexeyenko has over twenty-five years of expertise as a medical doctor, but he is also a specialist in IV therapy and restorative drips that boost the body’s ability to heal itself.

Restorative means working to bring the physical body back into its proper balance, become nutrient-rich, and functioning at peak efficiency.

What Are the Benefits of a Vitamin D IV?

Low levels of vitamin D is experienced by individuals because this vitamin is difficult to get from our food supply. Exposure to the sun helps the body produce a hormonal version of this vitamin, but we because we are apt to avoid direct sun exposure due to other health risks, we don’t get it that way either. It has been reported that anywhere from 40% to 75% of Americans are vitamin D deficient!

The benefits of a vitamin d IV drip are many. Studies suggest that higher levels of Vitamin D can promote bone health, and reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune conditions, and possibly some forms of cancer.

Here are some specific, potential benefits a vitamin d drip may present:

Proper levels of Vitamin D reduces the risk of osteoporosis and strengthens bones in a way that minimizes the risk of fractures. A vitamin d IV can also increase physical strength, by optimizing the body’s ability to build lean muscle mass, especially in women.

Research says that higher levels of vitamin D can help prevent cancer, alongside proper amounts of calcium. A vitamin d infusion goes to the liver, where it is converted to something called the 25-hydroxy form of the vitamin, otherwise known as calcidiol, and to the kidneys, becoming an active form of D known as calcitriol. As it turns out, these nutrients influence the regulation of cell growth and reduce inflammation. Higher levels of 25-hydroxy may reduce the risk of deadly cancers, including colon, breast, and prostate. Vitamin D drips may also alleviate the symptoms of depression. One study found a correlation between Vitamin D levels and depressive symptoms, suggesting that this vitamin influences the receptors in the hypothalamus, which is very important in proper neuroendocrine functioning.

Vitamin D IV Therapy Polo Grounds NY - Quote by Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko about Vitamin D IV Therapy
Vitamin D IV Therapy Polo Grounds NY – Quote by Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko

What Conditions Can a Vitamin D IV Treat?

The field of medical care must change to meet the challenges of the future. Restorative Medicine is part of a growing movement of practitioners that believe that health care must do ‘less harm,” and focus on preventative measures first. The best approach is to use treatments derived from natural, holistic practices that can keep disease at bay and promote healing if illness or injury does occur. We care for patients holistically, supporting them as they create a health plan that infuses all areas of life with healthy practices.

This does not exclude traditional medicine by any means. What it does represent is working to reverse the damage living in this modern age can cause. We all know that stress makes us sluggish, foggy, and fatigued. What you may not know is that the release of the stress hormone cortisol depletes your store of nutrients and healing compounds. The situation becomes a downward spiral, affecting overall hormone balance, blood pressure regulation, your metabolism, even heart and brain function can be affected. IV Therapies and Boosters at Restorative Medicine will restore what’s been stripped away, so you heal faster and stay healthy.

Vitamin D IV Therapy Polo Grounds NY - patient receiving vitamin d iv treatment
Vitamin D IV Therapy Polo Grounds NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

One of our treatment options is our vitamin d IV drip therapy where patients of IV Therapy receive direct vitamin d infusions, an essential nutrient. We also offer minerals and other health “cocktails” of crucial nutrients like high dose vitamin C, zinc, or magnesium. After a consultation with a physician (a licensed medical doctor should always administer IV Therapies), a drip made up of nutrients, minerals, specialized hydrating solutions or other fluids is determined based on the patient’s symptoms and medical history.

Patients experience results quickly because the treatment is direct. Before long, they report having regained their energy, clear thinking, improved organ function, improved outlook and overall sense of health and wellness. Some patients even use IV Therapies to increase metabolism as part of a weight loss effort. Others give their immune systems a boost, injecting vitamins their bodies have been unable to take in and store through food intake.

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The concept of restorative health encompasses the idea that there are many aspects of living a healthy life. There are lifestyle choices that are under our control, such as nutrition and physical fitness, but also factors we can’t control. Work demands, having only processed foods available, juggling many responsibilities, and breathing in toxins-these are the things that can strip us of nutrients, healing fluids, and our body’s ability to fight off disease. You can revive and restore your health with IV therapy.

Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD discusses Vitamin D IV Polo Grounds NY
Vitamin D IV Polo Grounds NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy – Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD

IV Therapies at Restorative Medicine restores balance with one quick boost of whatever your body is missing. If you are wondering where to get a VItamin D IV infusion, call 917 994 9390 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alexeyenko at Restorative Medicine.

Vitamin D IV in Polo Grounds NY

Vitamin D IV Polo Grounds NY

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko and Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy provide Vitamin D IV Therapy and vitamin injections in our office for patients from Polo Grounds NY and these surrounding areas: New York, Manhattan, NYC, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Battery Park City, Financial District, TriBeCa, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, Little Italy, Lower East Side, NoHo, SoHo, Chinatown, Wards Island, Washington Heights, West Village, Alphabet City, East Village, Lower East Side, Two Bridges, Chelsea, Clinton, Gramercy Park, Kips Bay, Murray Hill, Peter Cooper Village, Stuyvesant Town, Sutton Place, Tudor City, Turtle Bay, Inwood, Spanish Harlem, Waterside Plaza, Lincoln Square, Manhattan Valley, Upper West Side, Lenox Hill, Roosevelt Island, Upper East Side, Yorkville, Hamilton Heights, Manhattanville, Morningside Heights, Harlem, Polo Grounds, East Harlem and Randall’s Island

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