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Vitamin D injections are a service provided by Restorative Medicine because this is a nutrient that far too many of us lack. A Vitamin D injection can be very impactful, helping the body to absorb and deposit calcium into the bones to keep them strong. Working as a building block, vitamin D uses in the body also includes its role in supporting the body as it builds muscle mass and a strong heart.

A Vitamin D shot can also support the improved function of the lungs and brain and plays a role in the body’s ability to fight off disease. Vitamin D is vital to good health but also overlooked. A special counsel was formed to study and promote the vitamin’s many benefits. Unlike some other nutrients, your body does make this vitamin but requires sunlight and some particular foods to do so.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D injections contain a synthetic version of the nutrient that mimics what the body produces, known as Calcitriol. The primary role of D is to help the body absorb calcium in the bones so they can grow and stay strong. Weakened bone tissue can be the result of a deficiency, which can be general, or caused by hormonal problems or dialysis. In most cases, a Vitamin D boost or IV therapy can be helpful.

With Vitamin D injections, Calcitriol is delivered into the bloodstream using a quick shot, just like any booster. There it is distributed and made accessible almost immediately. Unlike some other nutrients, the body can store Vitamin D rather efficiently. It is essential to have shots or Vitamin D IV treatments administered by a physician who has studied your bloodwork. Only they can determine your current level of the vitamin and how much is needed.

What are the Benefits of Vitamin D Injections?

Vitamin D is something the body makes when it transforms cholesterol into a steroid hormone. This process takes place when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Only a handful of foods contain this vitamin, so if you don’t spend a significant amount of time outdoors, you may be deficient.

A vitamin D boost can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, a condition where brittle bones mean a higher risk of falls or fractures. Physical strength depends on D as well. There is a correlation between well-regulated D vitamin levels and lean muscle mass, which affects muscle strength and energy. And, while more research is needed, scientists are looking at the role D might play in reducing the risk of some cancers. Another surprising role of Vitamin D is its ability to reduce the symptoms of depression. The nutrient can also reduce the risk of developing type 1 Diabetes.

What Conditions Do Vitamin D Injections Treat?

One significant role of vitamin D is the regulation of a hormone known as the parathyroid hormone. Parathyroid hormone is useful in that it triggers the bone tissue to regenerate or repair itself. The body also uses the D to fight off disease and trigger important cell activity.

Often overlooked, Vitamin D has emerged as one of the most important nutrients. D supports the treatment and management of conditions like auto-immune diseases, heart disease, chronic pain, high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes. It can also prevent flu or cold viruses. It is especially helpful in reducing the risk of osteoporosis, where the bones become too soft or brittle. Nerve tissue in the brain relies on Vitamin D for nerve cell messaging, so Vitamin C is also being used as a treatment to reduce the symptoms of depression. Vitamin D injections are also recommended for those undergoing dialysis treatments.

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Vitamin D Injection New York NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy – Call (917) 994-9390

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Because most of us spend too little time outdoors, this nutrient is often in short supply. More than half of us are deficient in Vitamin D. However, unlike the B or C vitamins, too much Vitamin D can be harmful. Undergoing treatment with a trained medical doctor like Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko is recommended.

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