Vitamin C Injections

Vitamin C Injections have burst onto the preventative health scene as a method to address all kinds of concerns. But how effective are they? Vitamin C enjoys a reputation as an essential nutrient, especially as an immunity booster to fight off colds and the flu. Supplements in pill or powder form have always been popular, but now there are “lounges” where you can get a Vitamin C IV infusions or injections.

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Vitamin C Injections New York NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

A Vitamin C Injection is practical when there is an extreme deficiency of the nutrient or if you are low on iron. Injections work quickly, effective because they go directly into the muscle and then into the bloodstream. This infusion of the C nutrient becomes readily available to cells. They use vitamin C to improve the regeneration of tissue and promote healthy cell activity. Any Injection or infusion of essential nutrients or healing fluid should be administered under the careful supervision of a licensed medical doctor.

What is Vitamin C?

A Vitamin C shot is made up of a synthetic or natural version of the nutrient suspended in a simple solution that mimics the fluids found naturally in the body. A small needle is inserted to inject the solution directly into the vein or into a muscle, where it can pass into the bloodstream.

There are many benefits to getting an injection instead of using a supplement in pill or powder form. When these are digested, their potency is diluted. Also, the stomach may not have the right enzymes to absorb and pass the vitamin into the blood. With a C injection, an abundance of the vitamin circulates almost immediately, becoming available for the organs and cells to use. Vitamin C uses include the promotion of healthy cell activity and a stronger immune system. Vitamin C shots also increase antioxidants in the bloodstream and give clients more energy and younger-looking skin.

What are the Benefits of a Vitamin C Injections

It’s rare to see an extreme deficiency of Vitamin C, a condition known as Scurvy. This was more common back when it was difficult and expensive to get citrus fruits or fresh vegetables in winter. Even so, we don’t always eat healthy enough to get adequate amounts of this crucial vitamin.

One indicator of low levels of C is swollen bleeding gums. You might also find that wounds are not healing quickly. Other signs of a C deficiency are feeling fatigued, or having dry or discolored skin. A Vitamin C shot will help increase the amount of iron the body absorbs, which in turn enriches red blood cells to fight off disease. You will also experience benefits such as an increase in energy, a more optimistic mindset, and better respiratory function. Vitamin C also promotes fast healing of wounds and can improve skin conditions. You will feel and look younger!

What Conditions Do Vitamin C Injections Treat?

Preventative medicine is the central focus of Restorative Medicine. This clinic believes that it is far better to address what your system lacks before symptoms or illness develops. For example, in the case of Vitamin C shots, when they are given before cold and flu season, the body can absorb more iron. This leads to a healthy red blood cell count and a stronger immune system. Even if you do catch a cold or flu germ, with Vitamin C injections the symptoms are minimized and the recovery reduced.

Vitamin C is a significant factor influencing cell regeneration and the building of collagen. This means infusions of C can lead to healthy glowing skin cells and healthy tissue growth. It also leads to improved nerve cell function. Those who are low in this nutrient benefit from increased energy, a better mood, and better cognitive function.

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Appointment for Vitamin C Injections New York NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

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Becoming more actively involved in your health journey means seeking out preventative measures. Restorative Medicine is a clinic dedicated to supporting clients who understand the importance of nutrients and antioxidants being in full supply for cells to grow and maintain health. The IV therapies and Injection Therapies at this professional, caring clinic is preventative health at its best.

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