The Healing Properties of Vitamin B12 Therapy

What is B12 IV Therapy?

A highly popular and effective vitamin treatment, this form of therapy incorporates the philosophy of restorative medicine. This philosophy, unlike some others, involves being both preventative as well as proactive when it comes to protecting your health. The goal of restorative medicine is to meet health challenges head on when they occur and use helpful methods of prevention in order to both guard against as well as prevent the reoccurence of certain conditions. As a professional specialist in the field of IV supplemental medicine, Vladimir Alexeyenko MD offers therapies and treatments as well as guidance on how simple, yet powerful life changes can impact healing and improve long-term individual health.

red blood cells - b supercharged injections new york ny
Red Blood Cells – B Supercharged Injections New York NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

With over two decades of experience, this renowned physician is eager to use both his considerable expertise as well as his gentle methods to provide patients with improved health though the use of injections containing vital nutrients, such as key vitamins and supplements. By so doing, he has helped many individuals to enjoy increased red blood cell production and an improved nervous system as well as many other benefits. Through the use of this B vitamin treatment in particular, Dr. Alexeyenko has been able to help those with B12 deficiency to eliminate their anemia, restore the healthy growth of cells, boost energy, and increase the functioning of the immune system. In short, these treatments are a real powerhouse for those individuals who are dealing with acute or chronic B12 deficiency and would therefore benefit from vitamin infusion.

What Our Patients Are Saying About B12 IV Therapy and B12 Shots

“I have been coming to Dr. Alexeyenko for the last year to get vitamin IV and B12 shots. I was lacking energy and wanted to try IV vitamins and injections. It is always such a pleasure to come to the office. I like the atmosphere and everyone here. The staff is warm, polite and flexible. They always find a spot for me. Dr. Alexeyenko is very knowledgeable and attentive. I would recommend this doctor to everyone.” – Yulia P.

Are B12 IV Treatments Good for You?

You may be surprised to learn just how quickly symptoms of B vitamin deficiency can sneak up on you and how often those symptoms are misdiagnosed as something else. The real downside there is all too often, misdiagnosis leads to a delay in treating the actual cause of the symptoms. If left unaddressed, the symptoms can become quite severe and can trigger a whole host of maladies, such as reduced production of red blood cells. Typically present in large numbers, red blood cells are essential to the transportation of oxygen and hemoglobin throughout the body. When B vitamins are diminished, the result is anemia caused by the increased rate of deformation and death of these essential red blood cells. This can result in lethargy, trouble breathing, as well as physical fatigue and weakness. Not only this, but a deficiency of the vitamin can affect brain function as well as tissue development without the nervous system.

B12 IV New York NY – B12 Shots NYC – Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD

No matter what symptoms you might be experiencing, it’s essential to seek out proper diagnosis and treatment. While a reduced presence of B vitamins can be due to poor nutrition or the lack of a certin protein essential for absorption, the end result is the same. Fortunately, for individuals who are affected, IV infusions can be a real game-changer.

B vitamins are a real “super vitamin” and there are a long list of benefits attributed to the many types of restorative medicine: IV therapy among them. IV infusions can target a wide variety of conditions that result in reduced red blood cell production, boosting cell growth and imbuing patients with new energy. Not only this, but it can also assist with boosting cognitive function, improving mood, and, yes, even stimulating weight loss.

man holding his head from fatigue which is a sign of B12 deficiency
Signs of B12 Deficiency – B12 IV B12 Shots New York NY

How Do You Know if You Need B 12?

These infusions are typically recommended for those who are dealing with pernicious anemia, an autoimmune disorder that is marked by a decreased production of red blood cells. This therapy increases the production of cells, thereby eliminating the tell-tale signs of anemia such as fatigue. The drip can also be helpful for those who are experiencing issues related to brain function and the nervous system as studies have shown a direct correlation between B vitamins and homocysteine, an amino acid that is crucial to neurotransmitter function in the body. Through the use of these infusions, physicians like Vladimir Alexeyenko MD have been able to slow cognitive decline in patients with certain disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

B12 IV Therapy New York NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

If you or a loved one are dealing with anemia or neurological concerns, these therapies could be highly helpful. Additionally, B vitamin therapy can be ideal for those who are experiencing problems with breaking down fats, alcohol, and carbs and often experience related weight gain. Treatments like this can also benefit those who are in recovery from addictions. Although it cannot be used as a standalone addiction treatment, it has been shown to improve mood as well as boost physical recovery. It can also reduce signs of aging. Truly, vitamin therapy can be a prime asset to many individuals who are dealing with a variety of conditions and symptoms.

B12 IV Therapy New York NY

Schedule a B12 IV Treatment Consultation

If you’ve been reading this thinking that some of these symptoms sound familiar and you’re wondering “how do I find a quality location for B12 IV near me?”, look no further. The office of Dr. Alexeyenko is definitely the place for you. With not only considerable experience but also a reputation for kind, compassionate care, Dr. Alexeyenko has served patients throughout New York by providing top-notch IV treatments day after day. His mission is to help each of his patients to experience renewed energy and health through the use of state-of-the-art therapies and treatments designed with each individual’s needs in mind. To schedule a consultation at Restorative Medicine and to learn more about B12 IV therapy and all the benefits it brings, give his helpful and friendly staff a call today at 917 994-9390 or visit the practice website

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