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iv therapy SoHo NY- restorative medicine iv therapy SoHo NY
IV Therapy SoHo NY- Restorative Medicine IV Therapy SoHo NY

IV Therapy at Restorative Medicine is offered by practitioners passionate about finding preventative holistic treatment options that will keep you healthy and well. The founder of this practice, Vladimir Alexeyenko, M.D., is an experienced physician who provides IV Therapy, IV Vitamin Therapy and infusion treatments that will restore your energy, strengthen your immune system, and deliver nutrients to boost your energy levels. These therapies work to reduce the need for invasive treatment or expensive prescriptions, as you emerge looking and feeling refreshed and renewed. Our IV Therapies, IV Push and Energy and Immunity Boosters can revive cell activity, rebalance your system, improve organ function and cleanse your body of damaging toxins.

IV Therapy SoHo NY

IV Therapy at Restorative Medicine is designed to give you long lasting vitality and restore systemic balance throughout your body. There are many different solutions designed to meet specific challenges. Revive and energize thanks to our vitamin therapy IVs. For those needing improved organ function, hydration IV therapy can deliver healing fluid to cells requiring it to produce energy and trigger proper organ function. Probably the most important organ, the brain, receives an infusion of vital nutrients thanks to a restorative NAD IV drip. Hydrate with infusion therapy for clearer thinking or to slow down the progression of cognitive decline or neurodegenerative disorders. As an added benefit, IV therapy can even refresh your appearance. This is just one of the many benefits that an IV treatment at Restorative Medicine can bring. Prevent illness and renew your overall health and life with IV Therapy.

IV Therapies, sometimes referred to as “drips,” are a safe, effective way to stay healthy and heal. Unlike supplements or pills, which are diluted during digestion, IV Therapies work at a cellular level with long-term benefits.

Rejuvenate your entire system by cleansing it of toxins and excess metals. Restore and rehydrate with natural healing fluids, vital nutrients or important minerals your body needs to function at peak efficiency. Patients experience improved organ function, restored hormonal balance, stronger immune response, improved brain function; some have even lost weight! These are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy thanks to our IV Therapies, IV Push Therapy and Energy & Immunity Booster Injections.

Just a few of the combinations we provide include Vitamin C, B12 solutions, magnesium, calcium, or the master antioxidant, glutathione. An injection takes only a few moments, and within no time you feel more energized and ready to take on the challenges of daily life.

IV therapy or injections can produce amazing results, but they should not be considered a cure-all antidote to poor decisions. In other words, by all means get B12 shots to increase metabolism, but also use the energy and positive mental health they promote to stay healthy.

IV Push SoHo NY

Intravenous, IV Push therapies involve a quick administration of a small dose of immunity booster, or medicine, directly into the system. Dr. Alexeyenko is an experienced professional and uses this small sterile injection to deliver a quick treatment or medications that work almost immediately because it bypasses the digestive system. This process is an efficient way to receive a jolt of Magnesium or Vitamins which will boost your immune system, energize you, increase your metabolism for weight loss, or cure you of a brewing illness.

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IV Push SoHo NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy – Call (917) 994-9390

IV Push can also help your system build up its defenses against disease in general. This treatment is a simple, safe way to address specific concerns. For example, at the first sign of a cold or the flu, a Push of vitamins and nutrients flushes out the invading viral or bacterial germs and gets them out of your system before you get sick. Or perhaps, if you have partied a bit too much, a Push can give you a faster recovery from a hangover. That said, most patients requesting IV Push therapy are generally healthy individuals who need an extra dose of something natural, like a vitamin, mineral or hydrating fluids to give them additional support for their existing healthy habits.

As with any other infusion or injection, it is vital that you rely on a licensed doctor who is also an IV Therapy specialist like Dr. Alexeyenko, who will determine the perfect dosage for your condition and medical history.

Injections SoHo NY

Vitamin injections are becoming more popular because they work. And, if you visit the right clinic, they are safe and straightforward. Is your immune system depleted due to a lack of rest or proper exercise? Are you experiencing extreme discomfort that is ruining your day, your week, your life? Injection therapy is the new preventative treatment that delivers targeted help with vitamin shots. Our Vitamin C boosters clear your complexion and help your skin glow. Recover from illness or speed up recovery from a minor injury with the Vitamin B12 injections. Vitamin D is a great way to build up your immunity and heal and strengthen bones. You can also gain energy, increase your metabolism, or receive a Glutathione treatment to assist in recovery. Glutathione acts as a scavenger to find and destroy free radicals and eliminate toxins. Injections are also a great way to manage chronic conditions that cause joint pain or fatigue.

Dr. Alexeyenko with ampule in hand for vitamin injections SoHo NY - Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy
Vitamin Injections SoHo NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

Another injection offered at Restorative is Biotin. This is another name for the B7 vitamin, the primary nutrient needed to maintain a healthy metabolism and stimulate the proper function of your nerves, digestive system, and cardiovascular system. A boost of this vital nutrient also helps maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails to keep you looking your best. We also offer a Supercharged B booster that includes essential B vitamins. This injection aids in healthy cell development and enhances the processing of carbohydrates, fats, and alcohol. These are known as the building blocks of healthy neurological activity and cardiovascular health.

Dr. Alexeyenko during an iv therapy patient consultation in SoHo NY
IV Therapy Patient Consultation SoHo NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

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Restorative Medicine offers IV Infusion Therapies to address any issue you may have. A determination of the best preventative option is based upon an in-depth interview with the doctor and your medical history.

IV Therapy SoHo NY

The restorative approach to medicine is life-changing. An injection at our clinic, in less than an hour, can restore your energy, help you recover from illness, or simply help you look and feel renewed. Whatever stress has taken away, an infusion from Restorative can help you get it back.

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