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Ozone Therapy Injections are not as well known as their B12 booster counterparts or other popular health boosters. All the same, an Ozone Therapy Injection can be an effective preventative health measure, or Ozone Therapy IV if conditions warrant.

Ozone is a gas made up of oxygen atoms. When introduced into the bloodstream, it delivers increased amounts of oxygen and activates the immune system. There are other benefits to Ozone therapy, including serving as an internal disinfectant that fights bacteria, viruses, unwanted fungi, or an overabundance of yeast. The therapeutic effects of ozone were discovered a long time ago, but only recently has it been recognized for its potential as a health treatment. Ozone therapy uses may include faster recovery from infected wounds, support for battles against viral disease, and improving conditions related to aging.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is the same gas that we have in the atmosphere, the gases that protect us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. An Ozone therapy shot works differently, however. With Ozone shots, the gas oxygenates the bloodstream to help the body detoxify and heal faster. This process also works to promote healthier skin and tissue regeneration. If you are experiencing the effects of aging, Ozone injections can be used to revitalize cells, so you look and feel younger.

The increased oxygenation also helps the liver get rid of toxins. It has long been thought that antibiotics are the best way to treat viral or bacterial infections. However, antibiotics also kill off good bacteria, bacteria needed to help organs perform functions like digestion. By killing off good bacteria, we weaken our immune system. Ozone therapy is a way to target what makes us sick without getting rid of the bacteria we need.

What are the Benefits of an Ozone Therapy Injection?

You can rid your body of viruses, infections, and toxins while keeping the healthiest cells with Ozone therapy at Restorative Medicine. Our Ozone injection oxygenates the blood to create what’s called an aerobic environment, an environment hostile to cells with anaerobic metabolism, so they can’t survive. This targets bad bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Ozone is hazardous when inhaled, but in the bloodstream, it’s not harmful at all.

Ozone therapy is ideal for jet lag or people who frequently travel because they suffer from low oxygen levels due to breathing recycled air. During the winter months, when flu season is in high gear, Ozone injections boost the body’s immune system. This compound also supports the liver as it helps eliminate toxins. Also, the damaging effects of stress are reduced, and Ozone injections are known to improve blood circulation. Ozone has a side benefit as well, as it delays the effects of aging.

What Conditions Do Ozone Therapy Injections Treat?

A general lack of oxygen in the blood can cause all kinds of conditions. Ozone therapy can support the improvement of cardiovascular issues, like clogged arteries, by increasing healthy blood flow. Viral infections like hepatitis B and C, cold sores, and even shingles, are conditions we used to believe we had to suffer through. With Ozone treatments, these viruses can be knocked out. Wounds, acne, and psoriasis are problems without clear answers, even after all this time. Oxygenating the bloodstream to rid it of bacteria can vastly improve these skin conditions. Ozone therapy can lead to a clearer complexion and refreshed skin.

Tissue grows stronger and regenerates faster. Ozone Injections can also help manage allergic reactions. The body treats the allergen similarly to a foreign body, like viruses. Ozone shots can help remove the allergens, without disrupting the entire immune system. One of the most common uses of Ozone is to minimize the possibility of migraine headaches.

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Ozone Therapy Injections New York NY – Ozone Shots NYC – Call (917) 994-9390

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Ozone injection treatments and Ozone IVs are some of the lesser-known treatments available at IV therapy clinics. While these centers would make it seem like this is a relatively new practice, it is not. IV therapy has been around for decades. Because it is safe, affordable, and effective, large drug companies have tried to limit the awareness of this preventative treatment method. Now, the word is out.

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