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Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy is a holistic, IV Therapy clinic founded by a team of practitioners led by experienced physician Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko MD. As a preventative medical clinic, Restorative relies on the newest advances in medicine to restore the body to health and keep it that way. A practical, natural program, Restorative Medicine’s primary approach incorporates IV Therapy and Energy and Immunity Boosters, because of the many benefits they offer.

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NAD IV Therapy Polo Grounds NY – NAD Therapy Polo Grounds NY

Dr. Alexeyenko delivers IV and injection therapy of healing nutrients and cleansing and hydrating drips to restore your energy and renew your body at a cellular level. One vital treatment now being offered is NAD IV Therapy, and NAD+ therapy, drips that support patients recovering from addiction or experiencing symptoms of progressive neurological disorders, chronic fatigue, or as an anti-aging treatment. This new approach is showing promising results, working holistically, and naturally to prevent disease, help treat addiction, and help reverse the effects of aging.

What is NAD IV Therapy Polo Grounds NY?

Many are asking, what is NAD? This is the abbreviation for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, an oxidized and active form of the B3 vitamin, also known as Niacin. The use of B vitamins for energy is well known. The science of NAD and its coenzyme partner NAD(H) is complicated, but what we do know is that both play an essential role in the energy production cycle and energy transfer at a cellular level.

Your body relies on NAD to perform hundreds of biological reactions daily, including strengthening the immune system and providing a boost to energy levels. It works to revive cells, increase energy, and improve brain and organ function. NAD requires constant replenishment. However, as we age, ingest toxic substances or experience illness, NAD levels are depleted. The negative impact this has on the brain and body is profound.

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NAD iv therapy replenishes this critical enzyme, working immediately on brain restoration at a cellular level. This improves the brain messaging to the rest of the body as well, so the effects of the therapy are far-reaching. NAD IV therapy is being used to make a recovery from addiction more manageable, to slow the progress of neurological decline, and to reverse the effects of aging, among other uses.

Niacin deficiency (B3) has been linked to poor concentration, irritability, fatigue, anxiety, restlessness, apathy, and forms of depression. These symptoms are also present in those who suffer from addiction. Substance abusers also experience a decline in neurotransmitter growth and activity. This can wreak havoc on their health, affecting everything from moods and depression to metabolism, digestion, and physical energy. The reintroduction of NAD into the system shows immediate results, as patients benefit from cell rejuvenation, improved brain function, increased energy production, and cell renewal.

If this IV therapy treatment sounds groundbreaking, that’s because it is.

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NAD IV Therapy Polo Grounds NY – Quote from Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD

Benefits of NAD IV Therapy

It’s no wonder NAD Intravenous therapy, that includes NAD nicotinamide, is thought to be the next miracle field of treatment. NAD IV Therapy sends this essential amino acid deep into the system, where it repairs and renews cells, and restores cell activity. Sometimes called Brain restoration therapy, NAD+ infusions support the body’s repair of DNA and serve as a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It’s even considered an effective way to slow down the progress of neurodegenerative disorders. These are also seen as anti-aging treatments because patients experience a rejuvenation of how they look and feel.

One of the essential uses of NAD IV Therapy is as a recovery method and treatment for addiction.

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NAD IV Therapy Polo Grounds NY – Dr. Alexeyenko at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

Because they experience a depletion of NAD (remember, this is B3 or Niacin), the neurotransmitters in those who suffer from addiction die off. They can’t regenerate, and they can’t function to send important healing messages to the rest of the body. While it shouldn’t be considered a cure-all, at least not yet, practitioners using NAD infusions find that it “re-wires,” the brain and speeds recovery for former addicts.

There are also many other reasons to get a NAD infusion. Customized drips of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) and NAD+ therapy can be administered by a specialist like Dr. Alexeyenko to treat neurodegenerative disorders, chronic fatigue, cognitive decline, and many other conditions. NAD is usually delivered in one infusion per day, for about ten days. A single treatment is complete in about 6 to 8 hours, as the potency of the drip must be timed carefully. Only a fully trained, experienced medical doctor like Dr. Alexyenko should be trusted to determine the amounts and timing of a NAD treatment.

Dr. Alexeyenko has over twenty years as a medical practitioner and IV therapy specialist and is committed to your full recovery and health.

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If you are wondering where to find NAD IV Therapy, it is available at Restorative Medicine’s midtown clinic. Our holistic practitioners believe in the power of natural treatments, including iv therapy, to restore and revive your health, and give your immunity a boost. The goal at Restorative Medicine is to help you discover and experience the quality of health and wellness that leads to an active life filled with a greater sense of well being and fulfillment.

Patient Appointment - NAD IV Therapy Polo Grounds NY
Patient Appointment – NAD IV Therapy Polo Grounds NY

If you believe that NAD infusions could help resolve a condition or health concern you have, plan a visit to Restorative Medicine and Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko by calling 917 994 9390 for an appointment.

NAD IV Therapy Polo Grounds NY

NAD IV Therapy Polo Grounds NY

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