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At Restorative Medicine, we work preventatively to lower the likelihood of disease through common sense and natural treatment methods, like the Myers Cocktail. Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko MD is the founder and chief practitioner at Restorative Medicine, a new IV Therapy and holistic clinic in midtown.

Myers Cocktail New York NY - Myers Cocktail NYC 01 - Call (917) 994-9390
Myers Cocktail New York NY - Myers Cocktail NYC - Call (917) 994-9390

Dr. Alexeyenko is a licensed physician and caring doctor who is passionate about working with patients on measures that will keep them healthy and feeling and looking great. Restorative’s IV Therapy and Energy and Immunity Boost injections are part of an emerging trend in health care. The practice features healing iv drips that restore balance to systems depleted by stress, overwork, poor nutrition, or exposure to toxins. These infusions have essential nutrients and cleansers, all natural healing compounds that your body needs. These are what get stripped away by the challenges of modern living. A Myers Cocktail drip is a nutrient-rich IV infusion that will revive and cleanse your entire body and help regenerate cells. Renew your energy, increase your metabolism, and strengthen your immune system with this life-restoring fluid.

What is the Myers Cocktail IV Therapy?

Of the most sought after healing treatments at Restorative, the Myers Cocktail iv is a commonly prescribed treatment, especially if patients are experiencing extreme fatigue. The Myers Cocktail is a complex vitamin infusion that works wonders to help a patient regain lost energy, cleanse the body of troubling pollen or allergens, and reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Named for the physician, John Myers, who was the first to begin using this IV drip for chronic conditions, the Myers Cocktail is finally being recognized as an effective healing and preventative treatment option.

The iv Myers cocktail infusion is an increased concentration of vital vitamins and minerals in one drip. A powerful combination, Myers cocktail ingredients include magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, including B12, and Vitamin C. There is a term called “coaxed,” which is what happens when an increased amount of vitamins and minerals are in the bloodstream at once. Cells can draw an increased amount of nutrients and disease-fighting agents into the mitochondria, where they kick start cell activity. Patients see energy boosts that can last for weeks, depending on their overall condition.

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The potency of the Myers cocktail iv, because it is in drip form, has a definite advantage over supplements. The boost goes directly into the system, unlike supplements diluted by digestion. Patients avoid stomach upset or bloating, and they benefit from a sustained, higher level of nutrients. Most people do not absorb much when they take a pill. When the system is flush with nutrients in the bloodstream; however, the cells draw in more. This is especially beneficial when there is a higher degree of inflammation that needs to be reduced.

The Myers Cocktail IV Therapy is beneficial for many conditions. The process takes less than an hour in most cases. Once the small catheter is inserted, the drip is administered slowly in forty-five minutes to one hour. It’s not unusual for patients to receive treatment one or two times a week, but because it is made up of natural compounds, you can receive treatment as necessary, as determined by the doctor. Dr. Alexeyenko, who is an IV therapy specialist, is experienced at determining the exact amount of the drip needed and the speed of release, for the safest, most effective results.

A Myers Cocktail drip is a nutrient-rich IV infusion that will revive and cleanse your entire body and help regenerate cells. Renew your energy, increase your metabolism, and strengthen your immune system with this life-restoring fluid. Patients see energy boosts that can last for weeks, depending on their overall condition.


What Conditions Can Be Treated with the Myers Cocktail?

The Myers Cocktail IV is recommended for many chronic conditions, especially those that are challenging to diagnose and treat because research has yet to determine the exact cause of these illnesses. While the physical symptoms are genuine, stress is a factor, because it depletes the system of essential nutrients. People that have fibromyalgia, for instance, report that a Myers infusion reduces the amount of pain they experience. Patients who have rheumatoid arthritis or ulcerative colitis tend to suffer terribly from a lack of nutrients because of leaky gut syndrome. The Myers IV Therapy delivers those necessary nutrients directly to the cells, where they are immediately effective at reducing inflammation and pain and restoring energy. For people living with chronic asthma, or those with lung conditions, a Myers cocktail drip boosts the immune system that is run down and sluggish. A patient with congestive heart failure who experiences poor blood circulation has difficulty moving nutrients throughout the body. These patients tire easily, and their cell regeneration slows. Just a few treatments of Myers IV Therapy and their energy returns, and they are less susceptible to other illnesses.

Dr. Alexeyenko Setting Up Myers Cocktail in New York NY
Myers Cocktail New York NY - Myers Cocktail NYC 02 - Call (917) 994-9390

Dr. Alexeyenko has treated many conditions with Myers infusions. People have experienced relief from migraines, chronic fatigue, severe allergies, respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, and the symptoms of cardiovascular disease. He has even used this natural treatment as a way to give athletes an energy boost and improve performance.

Practitioners today are in a unique position to transform health care. It is time to embrace the firm links that have found between natural preventative treatments and overall health. A Myers Cocktail infusion jump starts cell activity that fights off disease, slows aging, and keeps the body functioning at peak efficiency.

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The medical establishment is focused on alleviating symptoms, which is essential. However, Dr. Alexeyenko uses medical science and iv therapy to get at the root causes of illness. A Restorative Medicine Myers Cocktail or IV therapy treatment will revive your energy and restore your system to functioning so beautifully; you can achieve optimum long term health.

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Myers Cocktail New York NY - Myers Cocktail NYC 03 - Call (917) 994-9390

If you want to know where to get a Myers cocktail, visit our convenient midtown IV therapy clinic and Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko by calling (917) 994-9390.

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