What is the Myers Cocktail?

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko provides the Myers Cocktail IV and vitamin IV therapy for patients at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy in New York City. In this interview, Dr. Alexeyenko talks about the Myers IV Cocktail and new patient consultations.

Myers Cocktail New York NY - Myers Cocktail NYC 01 - Call (917) 994-9390
Myers Cocktail New York NY – Myers Cocktail NYC – Call (917) 994-9390

What is the Myers Cocktail?

Whether getting a Myers Cocktail IV or other IV therapy treatment, visit a professional clinic owned and operated by a licensed physician who is also an IV specialist. Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy is a professional, comfortable clinic that offers preventative health treatments, including IV drips.

While a Myers Cocktail IV sounds like something you might order during a night out on the town, this infusion is geared toward those who expend a lot of physical energy, especially during workout sessions. Invented by a Johns Hopkins physician John Myers, the drip was created to infuse a balance of magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins, vitamin C, and other electrolytes. These are all elements essential for the efficient functioning of muscles and organs.

Myers cocktails with glutathione are beneficial specifically for cleaning out toxins and stimulating the immune system. Glutathione, which is sometimes referred to as GSH, is found naturally in the human body. The compound is produced in the liver and is made up of amino acids which have strong antioxidant properties.

What are the Benefits of the Myers Cocktail?

There are many reasons to consider a Myers Cocktail drip treatment. Many weekend athletes work hard to keep up their training during their busy weekday work schedules and on Saturdays and Sundays. Their systems get depleted of essential electrolytes, which lowers their energy levels, and causes weakness. Also, When you exercise, your muscles produce lactic acid, which changes pH levels, making your body more acidic. Electrolytes are needed to restore acidic balance. Your level of electrolytes also relates to the physiology of blood pressure. Sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, phosphates, and magnesium are all considered electrolytes and are necessary for the body to work at peak efficiency.

While some of these electrolytes would be naturally drawn into the body through food, it’s common for people not to be aware that they are low on electrolytes. This can happen to anyone in the warmer months as they go about a typical day, or suffer a condition where they can’t keep nutrients in their system. Many people have been known to drink beverages to replace electrolytes during physical exertion. However, these add sugar to your system. This further upsets the pH balance and can cause weight gain. Also, electrolyte drinks go straight into the digestive system, so the beneficial effects get flushed quickly out of the body. Myers infusions were developed as the solution to this problem of a highly acidic system, weakness, and fatigue.

IV therapies, including the Myers Cocktail, work quickly and deeply by going directly into the bloodstream. At a cellular level, the muscles and organs can draw as many of the electrolytes it needs, at full strength, from the blood. Cells that are supposed to be regenerating muscle tissue can do so. Cells that transfer energy can work faster and more effectively. Cells that are wired to transfer energy are revitalized, and in no time at all, your energy is restored.

Dr. Alexeyenko Setting Up Myers Cocktail in New York NY
Myers Cocktail New York NY – Myers Cocktail NYC 02 – Call (917) 994-9390

What Compounds are Used in the Myers Cocktail IV?

According to Alexeyenko, Restorative Medicine uses two sources for drips, a conventional pharmacist, and also a specialized compound pharmacist. The solutions are calculated very carefully to address the specific issues the client has. With so many years of experience, Dr. Alexeyenko understands the precise amounts of magnesium, calcium, sodium, and essential bicarbonates that neutralize the acid. Based on a mix known as the Ringer solution, Restorative drips mimic body fluids. These infusions include potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and bicarbonates. Dr. Alexeyenko says muscles can feel better right away, and clients leave feeling stronger and re-energized.

These types of IV treatments are made up of compounds your body has typically. Drips should only be created and administered by a physician like Dr. Alexeyenko however, who is highly knowledgeable and skilled at performing the procedure. People with improper kidney function, or who show signs of diabetes, or experience arrhythmia might not qualify for treatment. In some cases, clients will need to be treated more slowly over several sessions. If you are considering a Myers Cocktail treatment, you are welcome to find out more by visiting Restorative Medicine, no appointment required. This is a professional, private clinic owned by a licensed physician who is also an IV therapy specialist. While any IV therapy practice should be spotlessly clean, there is no need to create a hospital-like setting. At Restorative Medicine, there are no hospital gowns, gurneys, or sparse surroundings. This professional medical practice is a nice, welcoming space, put together with client comfort in mind.

Dr. Alexeyenko began practicing IV therapy in a downtown practice over 20 years ago. The benefits of IV therapy for his patients was so profound; he opened a center in midtown Manhattan. Clients include busy commuters, New York City residents, visiting athletes, and medical patients, who find the location convenient and walk-in appointments are available.

Myers Cocktail New York NY

Myers Cocktail and IV therapy

To learn more about the Myers Cocktail and IV therapy with Dr. Alexeyenko at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy, visit the clinic website (https://vladimiralexeyenkomd.com/). Patients who have questions about IV therapy should call (917) 994-9390 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko.

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