What is IV Therapy Used for?

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy offers intravenous therapy and vitamin injections. This video answers the question, ” what is IV therapy used for?”

What is IV Therapy Used for?

IV therapy is a new approach to medicine aimed at prevention, immunity protection, and faster healing. Prescription medications and traditional medical treatments are vital to good health, but too often, these approaches take place after an illness has settled in. The road to wellness can take a long time. IV therapy is the infusion of the vitamins and hydration the body needs to heal quickly and keep you healthy.

Many consider IV therapy and health injections to be a fast-acting and natural way to bring balance back into their system. Science has evolved to where most of us understand that our diet, what we drink, how active we are, and perhaps most important, a positive mindset, is a vital aspect of keeping ourselves healthy. Then, despite this, we continue to make lifestyle choices that go against this. Studying why is important but, quick recovery is also necessary, so you can get a jump start on starting over.

From a lack of proper nutrition or too much alcohol to a sluggish system run down by environmental toxins, stress, or lack of exercise or rest, IV therapy is becoming a common way to recover from illness, prevent disease, and stay healthy and strong. IV therapy with NAD is even showing promise as an essential component of recovery from substance abuse.

Dr. Alexeyenko talking with a patient about the cost of IV therapy
How IV Therapy is Used – IV Therapy New York NY – Call (917) 994-9390

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To learn more about Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy and Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko, visit the practice website or the facebook page for the clinic. Patients who want to schedule an appointment can call (917) 994-9390.

IV Therapy New York NY

IV Therapy New York NY

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