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Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy in New York City provides IV infusions and injections for his patients. In this video, Dr. Alexeyenko, review the proper IV procedures.

The IV therapy procedure was initially reserved for hospital stays, surgery recovery, or other urgent medical matters. However, an emerging trend in preventative medicine is highlighting the effectiveness of all types of intravenous infusion, including drips with vitamins, minerals, agents that cleanse the blood of toxins, and more. Now, intravenous therapy is being offered in a more casual lounge-type setting. Calling them lounges doesn’t mean IV therapy centers should operate like bars, however. IV therapy at its core is still a medical procedure, and the responsibilities for iv therapy administration should not be taken lightly.

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IV Therapy Procedure New York NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy – Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko

A Simplified IV Treatment Process

An iv infusion procedure does not have to be complicated or take place in cold, sterile surroundings. Restorative Medicine IV Therapy is a center with comfortable, non-clinical atmosphere, but a licensed medical doctor still supervises it. At this IV lounge, needles are pristine and handled with extreme care, and set-up is done in your presence, with the practitioner walking you through the procedure. And, because the doctor is introducing something into your bloodstream, an IV solution should be determined after analyzing a blood test or taking down a comprehensive medical history. IV therapy centers do not deal with prescription medications, just organic compounds. These are compounds suspended in a fluid, all of which mimic what the body already has. However, it’s still best if a physician oversees the procedure.

An intravenous drip is always more effective than the pill or powder supplements because the digestive process doesn’t dilute it. When vitamins or nutrients are involved injecting them directly into the blood ensures that they are available to cells and organs right away, with full potency. A compound delivered in this way triggers essential cell functions, including regeneration (think: tissue, skin, red blood cells, neuron activity in the brain).

IV Therapy as a Preventative Treatment

This new use for IVs is overdue because the need for preventative measures is more significant every day. Pollution, overwork, too many processed foods in our diet, even obsessive workouts can all deplete our system of vital nutrients. This can, in turn, lead to a higher level of toxicity with too many free radicals looking to do organ damage. Being preventative in this way represents a considerable change in the medical field, one that will have profound effects on medical care. The hope is that people will begin to treat their bodies to these vital nutrients, healing fluids, and cleansing compounds to ward off disease, and achieve more excellent physical and mental health.

The highest priority of any IV clinic should be safety. There are two aspects to this, according to Dr. Alexeyenko, founder of Restorative Medicine, and IV clinic in midtown Manhattan. He says there are two aspects of safety. First, the assurance that the solution decided upon is explicitly tailored to the patient based on their medical condition, health goals, and possibly on the results of a blood test. The second aspect of safety is the equipment and monitoring the procedure.

IV Infusions are Fast and Convenient

An intravenous drip in an IV therapy setting is much simpler and faster than those that take place during a hospital stay. The appropriate needle, smaller bags, and the organic nature of the compounds are all different. At the same time, there should be protocols in place that keep the patient safe. According to Restorative Medicine founder Dr. Alexeyenko, it is vital that the bags and bottles of solutions are entirely sterile. His preference is to issue a new bottle for each patient, which is to be used only by them. Also, he says that people should look for clinics that hire highly skilled staff that know how to insert the needles properly and painlessly. Finally, an experienced IV specialist should be checking in regularly during the procedure.

iv therapy in new york with Dr. Alwxeyenko
IV Procedure with Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy – (917) 994-9390

For faster treatment, an intravenous injection of a B12 or C vitamin will get you on the road to feeling better within an hour or two, with little disruption to your day. An intravenous Injection at Restorative can be received without an appointment. For IV therapy, an appointment is preferred to ensure that the proper solution is one hand and there is an open treatment room.

During the treatment, Dr. Alexeyenko conducts regular check-ins. He makes sure there are no air bubbles in the tube, and that the solution is dripping at the proper rate. He also checks for possible swelling where the needle is inserted. Also, the treatment rooms at Restorative are new and comfortable. There is also a great deal of privacy. The entire procedure typically takes no more than 25-30 minutes, although more complex therapies may take longer. Once a treatment is complete, it is reasonable to assume you won’t feel the effects right away. It is more likely that the renewed energy, lower blood pressure, or rejuvenated skin will be felt more like five to eight hours after the drip. An IV treatment is serious enough that hospitals developed protocols that must be followed to make sure that all goes well. Of course, any IV clinic should follow the same hospital guidelines, even though the solutions they provide are mostly natural compounds that pose little problem.

IV Therapy Procedure New York NY

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