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What is IV Therapy Used for?

IV therapy is a new approach to medicine aimed at prevention, immunity protection, and faster healing. Prescription medications and traditional medical treatments are vital to good health, but too often, these approaches take place after an illness has settled in. The road to wellness can take a long time. IV therapy is the infusion of the vitamins and hydration the body needs to heal quickly and keep you healthy.

Many consider IV therapy and health injections to be a fast-acting and natural way to bring balance back into their system. Science has evolved to where most of us understand that our diet, what we drink, how active we are, and perhaps most important, a positive mindset, is a vital aspect of keeping ourselves healthy. Then, despite this, we continue to make lifestyle choices that go against this. Studying why is important but, quick recovery is also necessary, so you can get a jump start on starting over.

From a lack of proper nutrition or too much alcohol to a sluggish system run down by environmental toxins, stress, or lack of exercise or rest, IV therapy is becoming a common way to recover from illness, prevent disease, and stay healthy and strong. IV therapy with NAD is even showing promise as an essential component of recovery from substance abuse.

How Much Does IV Therapy Cost?

IV treatments have been used in a particular way by the medical community to treat mild to severe conditions. From solving a simple dehydration problem to administering strong medicine to healing a serious infection, the “drip” is often associated with ICU units, emergency rooms and hospital beds. Yet, there is no mystery to IVs. Many IV treatments are no more serious than getting a flu shot at the doctor’s office.

Dr. Alexeyenko talking with a patient about the cost of IV therapy
The Cost of IV Therapy – IV Therapy New York NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

People have come to realize that IV infusions are fast and work directly at a cellular level to help you stay healthy and heal faster. Whether you require vitamins and minerals or a more serious treatment, IV therapy is a direct route. Rather than being diluted by the digestive system, like supplements or pills, IV treatments can be administered directly into the bloodstream. These are made available for the body to use immediately, and at full strength, with no stomach upset.

Because of their association with hospital stays and dire conditions, people often think of IVs as invasive and expensive. But, nothing could be further from the truth. It is the hospital setting that is so expensive and their method of treating IV patients that seems invasive. There is no need for a hospital gown, gurney, or huge needles. IV clinics are now setting themselves apart so people can experience how effective, energizing, and inexpensive an IV treatment can be.

Compared to the expense of a long term illness that steals productivity, the ability to work, and the motivation to live life to its fullest, IV therapy clients say that because they are back on the road to wellness so quickly, IVs are entirely worth it. A quick IV treatment that boosts your immunity or cleanses your system and keeps you from getting sick is a bargain at any price.

IV treatment options are becoming more prevalent, and prices continue to drop. An IV treatment will put your system back in balance, eliminate toxins, and feed cells so they can regenerate and produce energy.

How Does IV Therapy Work?

IV therapy works similarly to the IV drips you might get during a hospital stay but is different in many ways. For one thing, the site of insertion must be sterile, just like with a flu shot or vitamin booster. However, there is no need for a client to lay down, wear a weird gown, or be pushed around on a gurney. Hospitals, being as busy as they are, tend to host lots of germs and bacteria. An IV therapy salon or clinic is different. These are small salon-like clinics that are kept clean and comfortable.

Dr. Alexeyenko preparing a patient for an IV infusion as he discuss how IV therapy works
How IV Therapy Works – IV Therapy New York NY – Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko

The solution will be carefully selected or customized by a licensed physician who has experience in IV treatments. This is always the safest option. While it is common, this procedure should still be supervised by a licensed medical doctor.

Both physicians and certified medical assistants can set up your drip. This is a matter of inserting a thin needle into the vein, and adjusting the flow of the drip to suit the circumstances. Some drips can be administered quickly, but depending on the nutrient or medication, all drips should be monitored carefully by a supervising physician.

Clients might feel lightheaded or get tunnel vision for a minute or two. There may be slight swelling where the needle goes in. These reactions are rare, and typically very mild when they do occur. Still, it’s best to have a medical doctor on hand to answer questions and monitor vitals.

How Often Should You Do IV Therapy?

The frequency of IV treatments is undoubtedly a discussion to have with a medical practitioner. While IV treatments are often pure nutrients or solutions that already exist in your system, balance is important. IV therapy solutions, even simple vitamins or minerals, can be harmful in large doses. IV therapy clinics use measured doses and careful scheduling to be on the safe side. Many IV treatments are one and done, with the effects lasting several weeks to several months.

Dr. Alexeyenko preparing an iv for a patient during an iv therapy treatment
Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy – Call (917) 994-9390

Other serious conditions may require more frequent drips administered in a series, such as treatment for Lyme’s disease. There are problems that can be solved rather quickly (such as a hangover IV) and other situations, like Chelation Therapy, which requires more than one visit. This is another reason that clients should be mindful of attending clinics supervised by physicians with lots of IV therapy knowledge and experience. Timing and dose is everything.

The professionalism and care and concern of the doctor and staff are of utmost importance as well. No one needs a factory-like atmosphere, with a crowded waiting room. No one needs to meet a team of practitioners whose only concern is how to get you back for another visit. The kind of situation described above is not medical care or concern for getting you well.

If you sense that the goal of the clinic isn’t your overall health and well being, run the other way. IV therapy is a simple treatment but not something to take lightly.

IV therapy appointment paperwork - Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy
IV therapy appointment paperwork – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

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Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD, is the founder and chief practitioner at Restorative Medicine, a wellness and IV therapy clinic in midtown Manhattan. With over two decades of experience in IV therapies and treatments, Dr. Alexeyenko believes firmly in preventative measures and immunity boosters administered in the safest, most effective way possible, IV therapy.

Immune boosters, B12 re-energizers, chelation treatments to cleanse out dangerous metals and toxins, rehydrating and clearing of toxins after a night out on the town, these are just a few of the services featured at the Restorative Medicine IV therapy clinic. Call for a consultation with Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko at (917) 994-9390, or to schedule a healing IV treatment today.

IV Therapy New York NY

IV Therapy New York NY

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