How Does IV Therapy Improve Addiction Recovery?

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko and Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy offers IV therapy to help patients recovering from addictions. This video blog post answers the question, “How does IV therapy improve addiction recovery?”.

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IV Therapy for Addiction Recovery New York NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

How does IV therapy improve addiction recovery?

Addiction to controlled substances and alcohol has become a huge issue. Too many folks, even in the medical profession, cannot see addiction for what it is, a disease. Managing addiction is extremely difficult, and many have found recovery supported by IV therapy to be more successful.

The regular use of a toxic substance in the body means that chemical processes, especially in the brain, are malformed around that toxic substance. This explains why someone with addiction finds it hard to “just quit.” They only feel normal when the abused substance is present.

IV therapies restore nutrients and assists with rehydration. This means cells and organs can start to function more normally, without the toxic substance. IV therapies such as NAD can promote proper brain function, including the part of the brain that impacts mental health issues, like depression, or anxiety, ending a vicious cycle.

NAD or NAD+ IVs infuse a naturally occurring co-enzyme that will support the body’s ability to produce energy. By boosting the NAD, DNA can repair itself more readily, and the brain can reconstruct synapses that may have stopped functioning. There is some speculation that people with lower levels of NAD are more likely to suffer from addiction, depression and other disorders. NAD infusions are a no-to-low risk treatment option to support traditional recovery efforts.

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Quote from Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD About Addiction Recovery

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IV Therapy New York NY

IV Therapy New York NY

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