Recover and Detox with an IV Cleanse

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko provides IV Cleanse infusions at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy in NYC. In this interview, Dr. Alexeyenko discusses the IV cleanse and the situations when patients would benefit the most from this IV treatment.

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Recover Faster and Detox with an IV Cleanse

The IV cleanse solution is a go-to answer for anyone who has been ill, but lacks time to rest and recover fully. Any flu or virus will deplete the system of vital fluids and slow cell activity, causing the patient to experience extreme fatigue, foggy thinking, and physical weakness. As a person suffering from illness, you might not think of searching for an iv cleanse near me at first, but it’s a great idea if you need to recover quickly.

A detox iv drip is also considered an IV cleanse. The substances found in drugs or alcohol are toxins that alter your body and brain chemistry. Those suffering from addiction pursue these substances because they like the change in brain chemistry, but sadly these are poisons. When taken in excess, or repeatedly over time, the body chemistry begins to conform to the presence of the substance. This creates a dangerous chemical dependency, which needs to be broken. There are thousands of people searching for iv detox therapy near me in the New York tri-state area, so the word is getting out about this procedure. Any iv clinic that is serious about health will offer IV cleanses, or IV detox services.

As a New York City resident or someone who commutes to work here, we ask a lot of our bodies. Up early, travel, long hours at a computer, food on the run, and too little sleep. It’s also typical to not drink enough water or get enough vitamins to cells whose job it is to fight infection. This makes anyone in the metropolitan area more prone to viruses like the common cold, flu, or bacterial infections in the respiratory tract. These can be hard to shake off. Severe upper respiratory infections, stomach viruses, extreme nausea, or vomiting or diarrhea are all conditions that make it impossible to go about your typical day. Unfortunately, in this day and age, the demands of work often mean we are traveling to the office or traveling the world for work, while still feeling awful. This isn’t okay. The body needs extra support to recover from serious illnesses, and that’s what IV cleanses are about.

Restore Electrolytes and Essential Vitamins

The number one problem with being sick, especially with the flu or a stomach or intestinal virus, is the loss of electrolytes. An IV cleanse at Restorative Medicine that is designed for recovery from illness, as it loads the system back up with electrolytes and delivers essential vitamins and minerals directly to the cells. No oral over-the-counter medication can do that because they pass through the digestive tract first. An IV cleanse sends healing fluids loaded with electrolytes, including essential vitamins and minerals known to help restore healthy cell activity. By reactivating cells, the patient’s energy returns, their thinking is clear again, and there is no discomfort. Restorative Medicine offers a solution called Zofran, which is an anti-nausea agent that works almost immediately. For anyone who suffers from vomiting, that process tends to produce a lot of acids, so in that case, an IV specialist might recommend a proton pump inhibitor. Proton pump inhibitors, known as PPIs, block the enzymes in the wall of the stomach that produces acid. This injection produces results within 20 or thirty minutes, and the patient feels better. IV cleansing drips and shots, along with a bit of rest, can shorten the cycle of illness by a considerable margin. You can feel better in a day or two, rather than being laid low for a week to ten days.

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IV Cleanse Treatment New York NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

Recover from a Hangover or Jet Lag

At Restorative Medicine, another common walk-in request is a mild detox solution that helps with a common hangover. For anyone who likes to work hard and play hard, it’s not unusual to want to blow off steam with a night out. Or often, we have visitors to New York City that are just excited to be here, and they overdo it. Ironically, the healthier you are, the more problematic this can be. If your system is not accustomed to having such substances circulating in your bloodstream, the reaction can be pretty intense. And, the recovery can take a long time. Some studies show that drinking only one or two drinks has a long-term impact. Did you know that alcohol can be present in urine for up to 80 hours after you drink? An IV can flush out the toxins and restore the energy needed to get back to normal.

Another valuable cleansing IV treatment is for those who spend long hours on airplanes, which can completely dehydrate the traveler. It is not uncommon in this day and age to spend up to 18 hours or more traveling to the other side of the world for busy workdays, and then fly home. The best cure for jet lag is what Dr. Alexeyenko refers to as an aggressive rehydration therapy. This would be a mix of electrolytes, basically a Ringer solution, that jump-starts the system again. Another benefactor of these treatments might be hardcore athletes, people who spend a couple of hours every day working out. Maybe they run marathons, do iron-man competitions or long bicycle rides. The physical demands of these activities require more than just water to revive the muscles. So an IV revival cleansing drip can speed up the recovery and pave the way for the next workout.

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According to Restorative Medicine director Dr. Alexeyenko, administering IV cleanse drips is rewarding as a physician. He says doctors study medicine because they are passionate about healing people and helping them feel better, often before they leave the office, is a good feeling.

IV Cleanse New York NY

Learn more about IV Cleanse infusions and drips at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy with Dr. Alexeyenko by visiting the website ( Patients who want to schedule an IV cleanse treatment with Dr. Alexenyenko should call (917) 994-9390 today.

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