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Getting Hydrogen Peroxide injections may sound strange at first. Still, Hydrogen Peroxide IV treatments are becoming more widely known to treat infections and other systemic issues. Injections of Hydrogen Peroxide are available at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy clinic, but only if test results show the client would benefit. A Hydrogen Peroxide Injection should be prescribed and administered by physician, like Restorative Medicine director, Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko MD.

The theory is that Hydrogen Peroxide, in the right dose, releases extra oxygen into the bloodstream, and body. This is thought to kill viruses and bacteria. A Hydrogen Peroxide shot is less intrusive than an IV. There have not been any comprehensive studies completed as yet, but many doctors are hopeful that Hydrogen Peroxide may prove to be an effective treatment for cancer. In the meantime, it is also a practical way to address herpes outbreaks and yeast overgrowth.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a mild antiseptic used to kill germs and bacteria, a solution of the compound mixed with water. Many medicine cabinets have this on hand to treat small scrapes or cuts so they won’t become infected. Today, a Hydrogen Peroxide shot has emerged as a way to kill infections internally. With Hydrogen Peroxide IV therapy or shots, a medical-grade compound is put into the bloodstream, where it is broken down into several sub-compounds of oxygen. Bacteria and viruses known as obligate anaerobes can only live if there is no oxygen. The existence of this extra oxygen kills the germs that create infection and illness. Hydrogen Peroxide uses include shots meant to increase the number of peroxisomes in the system. Peroxisomes are typically produced by white blood cells, but in some cases, they exist in amounts are too low to kill pathogens in the system. 147

What are the Benefits of a Hydrogen Peroxide Injection?

While the research regarding H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) is ongoing, it is not a medicine, so a prescription isn’t necessary. Bacteria and germs are at the root of many diseases, and Hydrogen Peroxide supports the eradication of these pathogens.

Benefits are rooted in Hydrogen Peroxide’s ability to increase oxygen in the system, making it impossible for the common cold or flu germs to survive. An injection can speed up recovery and ease symptoms. Those with poor blood circulation would experience a revival of energy and strength related to poor blood flow. This increase in healthy blood flow can also serve to clear out the clogging of the arteries with plaque, a condition that can lead to heart disease. Fungal growth can be prohibited, and many parasites cannot survive this increase in oxygen either.

What Conditions Do Hydrogen Peroxide Injections Treat?

Increasing oxygen in the system through the introduction of Hydrogen Peroxide can clear lungs clogged with mucus. Toxins circulating in the system are rendered inert by oxygen as well. Allergens, also considered toxic, can be flushed from the system as it eases allergic reactions. Also, herpes, mononucleosis, and acute respiratory infections respond well to treatment. However, this is a treatment that should never be tried at home!

More research must be done, but many believe that Hydrogen Peroxide could be a clue to killing cancer cells. It will be great news if this mild disinfectant becomes the answer to one of the most significant medical challenges of our time. For the time being, infusions or injections of Hydrogen Peroxide are safe and readily available. Depending on your condition, a Hydrogen Peroxide treatment, administered by a licensed physician like Dr. Alexeyenko, might pave the way to better health.

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The use of IVs and injections is growing because people understand that it makes sense to treat issues before they evolve into more severe health concerns. IV therapy focuses on providing compounds that already exist in the human body, but are depleted. These are not serious medicines requiring prescriptions, just nutrients and compounds made to work exactly as the body’s natural elements work to fight disease and restore energy and health.

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