How Often Should You Do IV Therapy?

Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD offers IV treatments and therapies at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy in New York, NY. This video blog post answers the question, “how often should you do IV therapy?”.

How Often Should You Do IV Therapy?

The frequency of IV treatments is undoubtedly a discussion to have with a medical practitioner. While IV treatments are often pure nutrients or solutions that already exist in your system, balance is important. IV therapy solutions, even simple vitamins or minerals, can be harmful in large doses. IV therapy clinics use measured doses and careful scheduling to be on the safe side. Many IV treatments are one and done, with the effects lasting several weeks to several months.

Other serious conditions may require more frequent drips administered in a series, such as treatment for Lyme’s disease. There are problems that can be solved rather quickly (such as a hangover IV) and other situations, like Chelation Therapy, which requires more than one visit. This is another reason that clients should be mindful of attending clinics supervised by physicians with lots of IV therapy knowledge and experience. Timing and dose is everything.

The professionalism and care and concern of the doctor and staff are of utmost importance as well. No one needs a factory-like atmosphere, with a crowded waiting room. No one needs to meet a team of practitioners whose only concern is how to get you back for another visit. The kind of situation described above is not medical care or concern for getting you well.

If you sense that the goal of the clinic isn’t your overall health and well being, run the other way. IV therapy is a simple treatment but not something to take lightly.

quote from Dr. Alexeyenko about IV Therapy in New york NY
IV Therapy New York NY – Quote from Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD

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IV Therapy New York NY

IV Therapy New York NY

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