How Does IV Therapy Treat Fatigue?

Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD and Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy provides IV therapies to treat fatigue. This video answers the question, “How does IV therapy treat fatigue?”.

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How does IV therapy treat fatigue?

Fatigue is a universal condition that we all face at one time or another. Most of the time, it can be traced to habits or routines, such as a lack of physical activity or exercise or eating foods that lack the nutrients your body needs. In some cases, it can be caused by an underlying health condition. One common causes of fatigue is stress. There are chemical responses in the body triggered by ordinary levels of stress, chemicals that work to deplete the minerals and nutrients the body needs to have energy, and to function at peak efficiency.

Many people are choosing IV therapy as an antidote to the damage stress can do over time. Stress is one of the worst enemies we face because it creates an excess of free radicals in our system. The scientific explanation behind free radicals is complicated, but the basic facts are that free radicals are atoms that unstable because they are supposed to be pairing with electrons. When there are too many of them, and they can’t locate an electron to bond with, they can wreak havoc.

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An IV therapist trained in stress management can assess your body’s specific condition and the amount of stress you are under and prescribe and administer a Health Cocktail that will eliminate these free radicals and allow your cells to function normally. The benefits of this kind of therapy include a renewed sense of energy, a stronger immune system, and even improved cognitive function and mental health.

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Learn more about how IV treatments with Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy can treat fatigue, by visiting the IV therapy page on the practice website To schedule an IV treatment call (917) 994-9390.

IV Therapy New York NY

IV Therapy New York NY

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