High Dose Vitamin C

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko provides high dose vitamin C IV infusions at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy in NYC. Dr. Alexeyenko discusses the benefits of a mega C IV drip in this interview and video.

Vitamin C IV New York NY - Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy 03
Vitamin C IV New York NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy 03

High Dose Vitamin C Treatments

There is some difference between a High Dose C IV and a standard vitamin c iv therapy, but both are beneficial. When the body is deprived of this essential nutrient, you can experience issues with unnecessary bleeding, hair and tooth loss, joint pain and inflammation, and more. While the body is not capable of producing this compound, it is readily available in foods that we eat. Unfortunately, based on what and how we eat, it may not get absorbed correctly.

Supplements are popular but not necessarily effective. Because vitamin pills or liquids pass through the digestive tract, their healing power is diluted. Intravenous infusions of this powerful antioxidant administered into the bloodstream mean vitamin c benefits go deeply into your circulatory system. And, one hundred percent of it is bioavailable. With a vitamin pill, it is estimated that about 18% is available to be used. That’s the difference between a standard c treatment option and a high dose intravenous vitamin c.

Restorative Medicine is an IV therapy clinic that offers high dose vitamin c iv treatments, sometimes referred to as a mega dose. Adrenal gland function, hormone production, energy generation, and transmission, skin revitalization, and tendon and bone strength are all impacted by C levels.

What Conditions Can High Doses of Vitamin C Treat?

More generally speaking mega doses of vitamin c are requested by people whose immune systems have been compromised because they are so busy. Lots of work travel, long hours at the office, or extreme physical workouts can suppress immunity if you don’t restore nutrients and properly rehydrate with electrolytes. A compromised immune system opens the gate for conditions such as an outbreak of herpes, or infections like colds, flu or upper respiratory infections to take hold. For a patient who is in recovery from Lyme Disease, vitamin c treatments can speed their recovery. These are common conditions that would call for a mega-dose vitamin c infusion.

There are other conditions and symptoms that high dose vitamin C can be used to treat. A lack of energy, loss of muscle mass, dry and wrinkled skin, and an immune system unable to fight off viral or bacterial infections can all be inhibited by introducing this vital nutrient. Vitamin C plays a broad role in health because it is a crucial factor in the production of collagen. This means it helps with the growth of healthy tissue and adrenaline synthesis, a process that supplies energy and antioxidants. Some even call vitamin C treatment the fountain of youth. However, like most legends, this so-called fountain of youth is just a compound that we should all have in plentiful supply and we don’t.

Another common use of high dose vitamin C IV therapy is to strengthen and revitalize a body laid low by chemotherapy or radiation during cancer treatments. Chemotherapy is a vital modern medical treatment used to slow the growth of cancer cells and kill them off. However, as it works to inhibit cancer cells, it can’t tell cancer from healthy cells, so those may die also. There is an intense need to help cells regenerate after these kinds of treatments, and high dose vitamin c iv therapies are considered a successful way to do that.

Vitamin C IV New York NY - Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy 03
Vitamin C IV New York NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy 03

Rather than get into the why and why not of vitamin C levels, and the dose that is right for you, it’s essential to analyze your current medical condition, including bloodwork. Only a licensed physician with experience as an IV specialist should be advising you on IV treatments. They are trained to read the results of blood tests showing vitamin and mineral levels, hormones, proteins, metals, and other compounds in your blood. They can help you decide if a megadose vitamin C drip is warranted.

One other aspect of this treatment is to explore high dose vitamin c side effects. In general, people can tolerate a relatively high level of this vitamin. However, in rare cases, a client may have inadequate levels of a specific enzyme, which combined with a megadose of vitamin c, can cause anemia. Also, vitamin c infusions can acidify the urine, so someone with kidney issues or a tendency toward developing kidney stones is not a good candidate. This is why a medical MD should conduct any IV therapy treatment, and you should search for doctors who administer iv vitamin c near me before deciding where to go. You’ll want the doctor who administers the procedure to be accessible during and after the protocol, in case you have questions.

The best course of action is to use IV treatments as a reset, before going on and incorporating healthier habits into your daily life. Eating the right kinds of food is the best medicine of all. However, when circumstances or disease aren’t enough, an IV therapy treatment is the fastest, most effective way to replace what’s missing.

High Dose Vitamin C New York NY

If you are wondering where there are clinics offering vitamin c iv near me, call the Restorative Medicine IV therapy treatment center. This is a professional, welcoming practice where energy levels improve, immune systems grow stronger, and muscle strength increases.

Learn more about vitamin C IVs and drips that Dr. Alexeyenko provides at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy, by visiting the clinic website (https://vladimiralexeyenkomd.com/). Patients who are interested in high dose vitamin C drips and infusions should call (917) 994-9390 to schedule an appointment.

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