What are the Four Types of IV Fluids?

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko offers IV treatments at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy. This video answers the question, “What are the four types of IV fluids?”.

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IV fluids have been around for some time but only became widely available in the 1950s. Our bodies are at least 60% water, and two-thirds of our fluids are intracellular. This means the fluids pass easily across cell walls into the cell structure. There are scientific reasons IVs are efficient. By sending compounds directly into the system at full potency, cells can absorb nutrients and fluids more quickly. Cells regenerate, and organs can function more efficiently. Everything from blood circulation and heart function, to cell and nerve regeneration, can be boosted.

The suspension mixtures most commonly used for IV therapy are crystalloids or colloids. Hydration IVs are the most prevalent because feeling tired due to dehydration is a common complaint. You will also see hydration therapy used pre-surgery or when medical practitioners want to help the body recover from extreme vomiting or other conditions that trigger a loss of fluids.

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The four IV suspension fluids used most readily are 9% Saline, Lactated Ringer, a compound similar to the body’s plasma, 5% Dextrose in water, a form of carbohydrate, and 4.5% normal saline. It is necessary to select the right suspension fluid for an IV because these different solutions can impact liver function, heart rate, and other bodily functions differently. Any medical professional will be able to take down your medical history and assess your current condition and determine the right fluid to use.

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IV Therapy New York NY

IV Therapy New York NY

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