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Restorative Medicine is a professional medical clinic that features IV Therapy and IV Infusion Therapy as a preventative measure to guard against illness, chronic conditions, and the damaging effects of aging or stress. IV Therapy drips restore energy, revive healthy cell activity, and boost immunity, so the body can heal itself. Restorative founder and owner, Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko is a licensed physician, a practicing medical doctor who is also an IV therapy specialist. He has been prescribing results-oriented preventative treatment method for over thirty years, with amazing results.

Dr. Alexeyenko has helped patients with issues such as cleansing the body of simple cold and flu viruses to managing more serious chronic conditions. IV therapy has eliminated or reduced symptoms related to fatigue, migraine, insomnia, chronic pain, dehydration, athletic exhaustion, jet lag.

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The list of issues that IV Therapy has been known to treat successfully is long, but time is short. True health and long-term wellness is achievable, if you call Restorative Medicine at (917) 994-9390 and schedule a consultation today.

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