Introducing Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy offers vitamin infusions, hydration iv therapy treatments, and other iv therapy solutions that will energize you and restore your body and mind. Our bodies need fuel, not just any fuel, but the right mix of vitamins, minerals, water, and hormones. The human […]


How Long Does IV Vitamin Therapy Take?

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko provides IV vitamin therapy for patients at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy in New York City. In this video, Dr. Alexeyenko, discusses the IV process and how much time an IV infusion requires. Q: How long does an IV Vitamin Therapy treatment take on average? A: There are […]


Vitamin B12 IV Therapy

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko provides vitamin B12 shots and B12 IV therapy at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy. Dr. Alexeyenko, in this video, discusses B12 shots and the benefits of this vitamin treatment. A lot of people stop by once a week no matter how high their vitamin B12 level is because […]

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