B12 Shots and Injections

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko provides vitamin B12 shots at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy. Dr. Alexeyenko, in this video, discusses B12 shots and the benefits of this vitamin treatment.

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B12 Shots New York NY – Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

B12 Shots and Injections

B12 shots, injections of this vital nutrient, have been around longer than other infusions/injection solutions. This is because the B vitamins really can’t be overdone. There is no such thing, according to physician and IV specialist Dr. Alexeyenko, as a B12 overdose. While no doctor would prescribe more than your system needs, if there is an overflow, no harm done.

What’s valuable about B12 injections is their ability to deliver the nutrient in strength and amount that makes it possible for cells to draw in as much as they need, quickly. The benefits of B12 injections are unique, in that they include both mental and physical health improvements. It is being studied carefully as a clue to healing depression and conditions that can trigger mood swings. A B12 booster at Restorative Medicine is more than a quick pick-me-up; it’s a simple shot that revitalizes the entire body and strengthens the immune system. Like Vitamin C, B12 isn’t produced in the body, so we all have to rely on a proper diet. There are supplements, of course, but skepticism about whether this nutrient can be useful in this form remains high. B12 plays many roles. It promotes efficient nerve cell function and regeneration, the production of healthy red blood cells, and the synthesis of DNA. Introduced in injection form, a B12 shot is a fast-acting way to increase energy levels, improve cognitive function, including memory, and prevent heart disease.

The Health Benefits of B12 Shots

When you boost red blood cell production, you can prevent all sorts of conditions that take place when blood count is low. Extreme fatigue or feeling winded even with slight physical exertion are two possible symptoms of a deficiency. B12 allows red blood cells to form correctly, remaining small enough and round enough to move from the bone marrow, where they are produced, to the bloodstream. In the bloodstream, these cells deliver oxygen to organs. As you might imagine, this is an incredibly vital function, and there is no reason to suffer from a deficiency or the effect of low B12.

Bone health also relies on B12 and may prevent osteoporosis, which is a reduction in bone density. As bones become more delicate and fragile, they are more prone to fractures, which is not only painful but dangerous, especially if you are older.

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B12 Shots and B12 Inkections New York NY – B12 Energy New York NY

As the number of cases of depression occurring in the U.S. continues to increase, especially in younger adults, research is also looking at B12. Many factors can cause depression, but poor diet lacking in essential nutrients can play a role. B nutrients assist in promoting brain activity, especially as it relates to organ and central nervous system functions. B vitamins support the synthesis of serotonin, a compound that regulates mood and metabolism. You can easily imagine what a B vitamin deficiency might do.

Also, there is a fatty substance called myelin that is essential in forming what is called the sheath, which covers nerve cells. The sheaths protect these cells and promote efficient nerve-pulse transmission. As the brain dictates to the central nervous system how to regulate functions in the body, damaged sheaths inhibit those vital communications. The science behind this is complex. What is simple, is understanding that simple B12 injections, safe at any level, can eliminate this deterioration, improve cognitive processes, and make people feel better. Do we need to know more than that?

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B12 Shots at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

Restorative Medicine is an IV and Injection therapy center that includes B12 injections as part of its services because they’ve seen clients benefit greatly. Their energy returns, moods are brightened, and they are motivated to become more physically active. At Restorative Medicine, they see no good reason not to recommend this treatment often. B12 injections alone are not considered a viable treatment plan for severe cases of depression. However, studies show a combination of B12 injections, and antidepressants can bring relief to many. Another benefit of B12 injections is that they can ward off brain atrophy, which is when neurons in the brain stop working. This phenomenon may present as memory loss or early signs of dementia. One study showed that people suffering from this condition who received a combination of omega-3 and B12 experienced a slowing of their decline. And, last but not least, B12 has been shown to contribute to the proper regulation of amino acid homocysteine. When levels of this compound get too high in the bloodstream, it leads to an increased risk of heart disease.

Overall, B12 injections at Restorative Medicine are by far one of the most straightforward preventative health measures one can try. This health clinic takes walk-in appointments and has knowledgeable staff able to answer any questions you might have-the clinic, which was launched by M.D. Dr. Alexeyenko makes sure that this physician oversees every infusion or injection treatment.

B12 Shots New York NY

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To learn more about the B12 shots that Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko provides at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy, visit the website for the clinic (https://vladimiralexeyenkomd.com/). Patients who are interested in B12 injections and drips should call (917) 994-9390 to schedule a same day appointment.

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