How Do B12 IV Vitamin Drips Work?

B12 IV therapy is one of the most sought after services we offer at Restorative Medicine. Our B12 IV is a treatment that defines what practicing restorative medicine is all about. The restorative philosophy is about being proactive and preventative when it comes to your health. Trusted physician and IV specialist Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD opened this clinic to focus on holistic treatments and simple life changes that will speed healing, and more importantly, help you stay healthy long-term.

Vitamin B12 IV Training New York NY
Vitamin B12 IV Training New York NY

With over twenty-five years of experience, Alexeyenko is a doctor ready to address your health concerns with compassion and expertise, a rare combination. A cornerstone of good health, the Vitamin B12 IV or injection puts this vital nutrient and superhero agent into your bloodstream to promote the healthy development of nerve tissue and increase the production of red blood cells. This can revive brain cell activity and supports the genetic material in cells (DNA). Another vital function of vitamin b12 iv injections is the prevention of anemia, a condition that makes sufferers feel exhausted and weak. An intravenous b12 injection will restore healthy cell development, renew your stores of energy, and give the immune system a boost.

What are the Benefits of a Vitamin B12 IV?

A B12 deficiency can creep up on you because symptoms are easy to misdiagnose. But, over time, a lack of this critical vitamin can trigger many health issues. Without the proper amount of B12, your body can’t produce enough healthy red blood cells, which should be present in abundance. These are the cells that carry hemoglobin and oxygen all through the body. When B12 is low, red blood cells become malformed or die off faster than they can be replaced. Extreme fatigue, difficulty breathing, and physical weakness can result.

A B12 deficiency also affects brain function and tissue development in the nervous system. Even small issues, such as a tingling sensation in the hands or feet, can be caused by a lack of B12. Deficiencies may be caused by a low intake of this vitamin in the food we eat. Some people experience reduced absorption of this vitamin because they lack a specific protein. In either case, a B12 IV infusion can be life-changing.

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Describing the potential benefits of a B12 IV is challenging because the results often sound too good to be true. As a super vitamin, a B12 iv infusion can address a broad spectrum of conditions and help the body produce more red blood cells, giving patients renewed energy. A B12 IV infusion will make you stronger, and help you breathe easier if you have cardiovascular issues. A vitamin B12 infusion also leads to improvements in cognitive function, including an elevation in mood. This can be an excellent treatment option for mild depression. It has even been known to act as a super booster when it comes to weight loss.

Vitamin B12 IV infusion and injection therapy can restore energy, revive cognitive function, increase metabolism and achieve optimum health. B12 drips and injections boost the production of healthy red blood cells, eliminating the symptoms of extreme weakness and fatigue.


What Conditions are Treated with a Vitamin B12 IV?

A Vitamin B12 IV is recommended, especially for anyone suffering from autoimmune disorder pernicious anemia. This IV boosts the production of healthy red blood cells, eliminating the symptoms of extreme weakness and fatigue. A B12 IV drip helps when there are issues related to the nervous system or brain function. Because of the proven correlation between levels of B12 and homocysteine, which plays a vital role in the healthy function of neurotransmitters, B12 infusions are used to slow cognitive decline. IV treatments may reduce symptoms of neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, neuropathic disorders, or mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

A body without the proper amount of B12 has a harder time breaking down carbohydrates, fats, and alcohol. This means that correcting a deficiency can lead to weight loss or ease one’s recovery from toxic substances. While B12 therapy is not a stand-alone addiction recovery treatment, it does boost healing and speeds recovery. Vitamin B12 also plays an essential role in cardiovascular health. Infusions of B12 and other B vitamins may reduce the risk of stroke and improve heart health. It can also promote healthy hair, skin, and nails, which means you will not only live longer, you’ll look younger doing so! Reports of b12 iv side effects are extremely rare, and even when reported, are mild. This is a low-risk treatment with tremendous results for many conditions.

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Anyone wondering about the benefits of B12, who might be considering where to get a vitamin b 12 infusion should consider contacting Restorative Medicine, and find out how our IV infusions and injection therapy can restore energy, revive cognitive function, increase metabolism and achieve optimum health.

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