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Restorative Medicine is a medical clinic that offers healing IV Therapy and energy & immunity boosters administered under the careful supervision of experienced physician Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD. As the founder of this practice, Dr. Alexeyenko offers restorative treatments that go straight to the problem. He can prescribe and administer any infusion that can restore your energy, increase your metabolism, rebalance levels of vitamins and minerals, and strengthen your immune system. You will see and feel the results immediately. At Restorative Medicine, your body will regain the ability to heal itself thanks to IV vitamin therapy and other IV drips that will revive your energy, restore cell function as you go back to your vibrant and busy life. Having practiced medicine for over twenty-five years, Dr. Alexeyenko was ahead of the curve in studying and incorporating restorative, holistic treatments. This doctor will get at the root of your most pressing health and medical concerns, and determine infusions and boosters to address them quickly. Of course, he prescribes modern medical treatments when necessary. His long term goal, however, is guiding patients into incorporating conventional and integrative practices and treatments that prevent ill health.

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Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy - About Our Services

We all know the importance of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and the fluids needed to function well and flush out toxins. Now, health professionals are offering these elements in IV drips and booster form, as a preventative form of medicine. Treatments under the supervision of Dr. Alexeyenko can do everything from boost your energy levels to combat disease and strengthen your immune system. This new trend allows patients to take more control over their health journey, but, IV therapy requires an experienced practitioner like Dr. Alexeyenko. His commitment to patients is long-term, and there is not a “factory” feeling at this clinic. When you enter Restorative, right away you will find us welcoming, knowledgeable and collaborative, and the difference will be clear. Discover how you can live a healthier, happier life at Restorative Medicine.

Our Restorative Philosophy

Every patient that comes to Restorative Medicine is important. We work continuously to keep your body healthy at its very core. Our IV therapies help your system achieve and maintain balance. We help restore organ function, revive your energy, and strengthen your immune system. Feeling more energized is easy, once we hydrate and replace important nutrients. Thanks to the restorative properties of our IV Therapies, IV Push treatments and Energy & Immunity Boosters, you can get the nutrients and fluids your body needs, eliminate toxins and experience youthful renewal.

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Cellular Function Restored - Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy

Restorative Medicine has been a fixture in lower Manhattan for over two decades. Founder Vladimir Alexeyenko, M.D. loved his original location in the West Village, but he is passionate about modern and progressive methods of healing, and knew he could reach more New Yorkers by relocating to Midtown. This practice is now a hub of health and wellness in the center of the city, convenient to subways, commuter trains, buses and residential and commercial areas. Restorative Medicine is a movement, grounded in the philosophy that restores your body’s ability to heal itself, it is the most natural path to health and wellness.

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About Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD

As a practitioner for over thirty years, licensed physician Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD, has developed IV Infusion Therapy treatments using his in-depth knowledge of the human body, traditional and integrative medicine. Dr. Alexeyenko began his career as a medical doctor fascinated by the marvel of modern medical science. After receiving a medical degree, he expanded his training and study to include more science-based approaches to healing. Today, he is dedicated to providing a powerful combination of traditional and holistic approaches to health and wellness. Although many holistic treatments are backed by solid research, the medical community has been slow to act and adopt these as viable solutions. Many doctors focus on prescriptions and cures, after disease sets in, which is essential. However, as a trusted physician, Dr. Alexeyenko founded Restorative Medicine based on the philosophy that preventing disease is always best. A consultation with him is the first step toward better health.

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Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy - Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko

When stress, work responsibilities, challenging relationships, or physical demands or activities deplete your system of vital nutrients, minerals, or the fluids needed to speed healing, Dr. Alexeyenko’s IV therapy treatments are the best way to restore and revitalize your entire system. Boost your body’s ability to fight back with drip IV therapy, vitamin infusions, immunity boosters, and cleansing IV’s. At Restorative Medicine, we put control of your health and wellness into your hands. Working together, we offer preventative treatment options that match your lifestyle. As a patient at Restorative Medicine, you will receive true medical care, with care being the operative word. Under the careful supervision of licensed medical doctor, Vladimir Alexeyenko, you can have the best of traditional medicine and holistic treatment. Fight disease and find a life full of energy, vitality and excellent health.

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Patients that visit Restorative Medicine are often surprised at how much better they feel, and how much clearer their thinking is long after an IV infusion. This sense of renewal spills over into other areas of life, as they find a new motivation to make better health choices overall.

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Like them, you can experience better health, wellness, and a higher quality of life, thanks to energy boosting vitamin therapy, protective, and cleansing IVs, and hydrating infusions at Restorative Medicine. Give your body the gift of staying healthy. Visit this respected health clinic run by trusted IV therapy specialist, Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD by calling to schedule a consultation at (917) 994-9390.

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